Weight-Loss Surgery Preoperative Guide

If you are planning on receiving weight-loss surgery from TexomaCare Weight-Loss Surgery Center in Grayson County, Texas, our preoperative guide will help you get an idea of what you need to do leading up to your weight-loss surgery. 

This includes instructions for your diet one week prior to your surgery, instructions on what to do with current medications and your water intake to avoid dehydration. 

Meal Plan and Instructions Leading Up to Weight-Loss Surgery

Following the instructions in our weight-loss surgery preoperative guide will help lead to a successful experience. However, it is important to remember to listen to your doctor. Failing to follow the instructions as provided by your doctor may result in complications or being forced to perform the surgery at a different date.  

  • The first thing you need to do, and the furthest action prior to weight-loss surgery, is that, two to three weeks before your weight-loss surgery, you need to drink five premier protein shakes daily and at least 64 ounces of water a day. Do not start this liquid diet until a surgery date has been arranged with your surgeon. 
  • Prior to your weight-loss surgery, you should begin to eliminate foods high in sugar content, foods that are high in fat, carbonated beverages and food that is highly processed. 
  • Prior to your weight-loss surgery, you should continue taking all medications as prescribed – with the exception of blood thinner. You must stop taking all blood thinners 7-10 days before your surgery. Talk to your doctor to make sure.
  • Prior to your weight-loss surgery, it is important to remember that your body is about to go through surgery and will need to replenish any lost fluids. Please drink eight eight ounce glasses of fluid, preferably water, a day to aid in post-surgery recovery. 
  • On the day of your surgery, you must arrive at the hospital at your instructed time. Please have a family member or friend with you, as you will not be allowed to drive yourself home when discharged.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not eat or drink after midnight. If you fail to follow the diet guidelines above, there could be complications during surgery. If you have questions, please call the office at 903-416-6490.

Full Pre-op and Post-op instructions

If you wish to view the full preoperative and postoperative instructions from TexomaCare, please download the PDF below. This document will answer some of your questions as well as provide a more in-depth guide as to what you may need to do prior to and following your weight-loss surgery. 

Download Sleeve Gastrectomy Pre-op and Post-op Instructions →

Talk with your doctor first

As always, it is extremely important that you discuss your preoperative weight-loss surgery plan with your doctor. While these guidelines are what you need to do prior to robotic bypass surgery or a robotic sleeve gastrectomy at TexomaCare Weight-Loss Center in Grayson County, Texas, your surgeon may have further requirements for you that are not covered in our weight-loss surgery preoperative guide. 

Individual results may vary. There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. Talk with your doctor about these risks to find out if robotic surgery is right for you.

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