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Weight Loss
Weight Loss
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Weight-loss Surgery May be the Right Solution for You

Bariatric procedures can help patients lose excess body weight that interferes with living the most energetic and productive lives. Types of bariatric surgery may reduce the risks of possibly life-threatening weight-related conditions: some cancers (breast and prostate), heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure, among others.

The longer you wait, though, the more likely you may develop other medical conditions related to obesity, including migraines, high cholesterol and fatty liver disease. After minimally invasive surgery, patients return home with follow-up plans that include calorie tracking, enjoying an active lifestyle and practicing positive behaviors.

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The surgeon considers many factors including body mass index, eating habits, related health issues, earlier surgeries and the risks involved.

Insurance and financing

While we accept most forms of insurance, please check with the team prior to the visit to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Pre-surgery diet guide

Prior to the weight-loss procedure, you’ll begin improving overall nutrition by avoiding high-sugar, high-fat meals and highly processed food.

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